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Content marketing DIY in 10 lessons [English]

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Deze Engelstalige cursus contentmarketing do-it-yourself in 10 lessen is gemaakt voor de partners in het EU-project AZEB, waaraan Saskia meedoet via bedrijven- en kennisnetwerk DNA in de Bouw, waar zij lid van is.
Ze stuurt de communicatie over het project aan in de deelnemende EU-landen en begeleidt de projectpartners bij de kennisoverdracht in hun land. AZEB staat voor Affordable Zero Energy Buildings.

English introduction content marketing DIY

This private mini course content marketing do-it-yourself contains 10 lessons in English and is made for the partners of the EU-project AZEB in which Saskia is involved.
The AZEB project (Affordable Zero Energy Buildings) is all about bringing valuable information together, which helps everyone involved in energy-neutral building and construction.

Connecting with target groups has changed very much these last 5 to 10 years. Thanks to the internet everybody has become a publisher. In today’s world you don’t necessarily need to be part of the marketing or communications department anymore to get in touch with your audience. This has become an opportunity and a task for everybody.

This course is about the focus of today’s marketing. It is called content marketing.

The focus of today’s marketing is to deliver value to improve someone else’s life with useful information. Transforming your knowledge into valuable content and spread it via a blog, e-book, white paper, event, video, audio, magazine, webinar, newsletter, course, press release etc gives you lots of possibilities to make yourself visible in the market and show your relevance.

In the business to business sector it is all about knowledge, expertise and experience, which is the basis of content marketing. Technical innovations, tailor made solutions, dozens of years’ experience, best-practices etc. They are all perfect angles. They help people, organizations, businesses, the economy, the world may be, to move forward.

The knowledge in the b2b sector is the gold for content marketing.


Contents of the course

  1. The focus of today’s marketing: content marketing
  2. Transform your knowledge into valuable content
  3. Channels and formats for content
  4. The content pyramid
  5. This is what journalists are looking for
  6. This is how you approach the media
  7. Why your content must be searchable
  8. Why links are important
  9. Why you have to promote your content
  10. How co-workers amplify your content

Contents of a lesson

  • 1 video (max 10 min)
  • The resume of the videotext
  • The pdf of the sheets in the video
  • Assignments
  • Optional: more content about the lessons




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Saskia De Jong
Als marketing- en communicatieadviseur in de b2b ben ik onder de naam DeJong&Verder al sinds 1995 werkzaam. Met het social learning platform EduJong draai ik de rollen om en draag ik jou mijn kennis en ervaring via online cursussen en live bijeenkomsten over hoe je van je kennis waardevolle content maakt.


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